ELMEKA , as IT Specialist, provide technical expertise to implement, monitor and maintain a wide variety of IT systems.

ELMEKA , focuses on, but is not limited to, computer networks analysis and configuration, database and system administration, information security assurance, IT audit, and web administration. Also can provide user training and support and enhance job opportunities, simplifying workflow or updating infrastructure.

Among ELMEKA’s core duties are direct server administration, structure and services enhancement, performance and scaling optimization, and long-term maintenance.

ELMEKA ensures clientʼs uptime, involving network connection and overall data flow, as well as information security protecting infrastructure from cyber-attacks and data breach, by access control policies and backup strategies.

ELMEKA can provide hardware and software solutions as well as IT support for servers, workstations and VoIP telephony, based on specific project issue or long-term contract, assuring the best value for money services for your company.