Elmeka bringing huge amount of value through Operation & Maintenance facilities to all Electromechanical structures for our customers enterprises.

People of Elmeka develop maintenance strategies that alleviate threats to ongoing operations and prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements. The key goal remain the well planned maintenance which falls into two categories in all O & M schedules: Preventative maintenance which is planned maintenance conducted regularly on equipment still in working condition and, Predictive Maintenance which is the use of technology to determine the current operating condition of in-service systems to predict when maintenance should be scheduled.

Elmeka due to the day-to-day activities necessary for our customers enterprises and its systems and equipment to perform their intended function, achieves the goal which should be to incorporate a comprehensive planned maintenance strategy .These systems include utilities management such as electricity and Natural Gas, HVAC systems, the building envelope, waste water management, security systems etc.

Elmeka under in-depth on scheduled maintenance program seven days a week all around the clock creates the reason of trust our customers: Hospitals, Museums, industry in public and private sector.